Laminate flooring combination of beauty, resistance and innovation

When decorating your home, floor is just a part of the style you choose for your room, but a very important part. Selection of the floor affects the feeling and the atmosphere in a room. Sometimes it is difficult to choose, but at the same time a number of possibilities arise - exploit them and choose a floor you really want. Here we are talking about one type of flooring - laminate flooring. Laminate floors have become a hit in the last years due to their simple installation and good price. Wood makes 80% of the laminate floors, therefore it is an ecologically good alternative, with no harmful fumes or smells as is the case with some other floors. Laminate floors are multi-layered products, designed for exceptionally long endurance and easy maintenance. These floors offer highly realistic appearance of the natural materials, wood, ceramics, stone and other more expensive materials, at more affordable prices. It is hard to see the difference between a good laminate floor and parquet to a naked eye. Due to numerous advantages, laminate floors are becoming the most common floor coatings. Laminates faithfully imitate natural wood, but with all the drawbacks of the wood eliminated, such as humidity and mechanical damage sensitivity, high flammability, necessity for lacquering and grinding.

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